My most recent quest from New Orleans to San Francisco was interrupted by a pesky little thing called Rhabdomyolysis. Unfortunately, I landed in the hospital in Long Beach, California and won’t be able to cycle the last leg of my trip. (Fortunately, I wasn’t in the middle of nowhere in the desert when it struck.) I’ll cycle San Fran to LA first chance I get when I’m healthy again and find the time in my ultra busy hobo traveler schedule. One of the reasons I was so amped to get to San Fran was I knew that  I was going to break the 10,000 mile marker in my “bike touring career”.  However, as I was recovering in St. Mary’s Hospital last week, I mapped out Nola to Los Angeles and realized I had already cracked the 10k mile mark!

Check out a few “rough draft” maps of what I’ve cycled.

Pittsburgh to Washington DC and back. 640 miles and my first bike tour.


Astoria, Oregon to DC. 3,700 miles loosely following the Lewis and Clark Expedition. (This trip created


Completely inaccurate map of my trip down the PCH. 1,000 miles


3,500 miles through the Northeast and Midwest.


The most recent expedition. Nola to Venice Beach, California. 2,117 miles or so.



640 + 3,700 + 1,000 + 3,500 + 2,117 = 10,957!

(There are about 600 or 700 miles of smaller tours I did in Texas as well, but who’s counting;)



As I’m recovering and spending some time off the bicycle, it’s nice to look back and see what I’ve accomplished so far. Thank you to all who have hosted, fed, cycled with, donated, inspired and befriended me along the way. These miles wouldn’t be anything without you.


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2017!