My dear friend Julie, who was an amazing principal ballerina with Houston and Texas Ballet Theaters, is a lover of horses. (Maybe not the best wording.) Almost every time I see a horse when I’m cycling through the countryside, I stop and take a photo for her. Occasionally I curse her under my breath because I’m behind schedule and have lots of miles to do before the end of my day. But, most of the time, I thank her for getting me off of my bicycle so I can enjoy the view and take a few minutes to relax.

Check out some of my horse photographs from the past year. If I get a few more good ones, I’ll make a calendar.

So, funny story… I’ll sometimes send Julie a text message with photos of horses I pass in the countryside. One day I was trying to be funny and sent a photo of a donkey with a message saying, “I know you like horses, but I’m more of an ass man.”

A few minutes later she replied, “I always thought that about you.”  As I was reading her response, I noticed the photo of the donkey hadn’t been sent.  Embarrassed, I explained the missing donkey photo and the joke. There were definitely a few “lols” after that.

Some of us can’t help but be a jackass! (or is that a mule?)