After a week of waiting out bad weather, I’m on the road! Definitely glad to have been indoors during the nasty weather, but I was ready to go a week ago and waiting was almost as torturous as sitting on the tarmac at the airport when your flight is delayed.

Cycling is going to be rough at first because I’m a little out of shape. (A little isn’t really true. I’m a lot out of shape.) I heard a little boy ask his mother about the sausage riding a bicycle. I had to explain that I wasn’t a giant andouille sausage, but a human who ate too many servings of crawfish, po-boys, shrimp étouffé and gumbo, and had trouble squeezing into his spandex.
The day’s ride was pleasant. Stopped at a cafe in Gretna and ordered an iced tea to help me cool down. I also ordered a turkey sandwich for the road and when I stopped to eat lunch, under the shade of the route 90 bridge, I notices my waitress had the kitchen make an extra half of sandwich. I guess the sweet lady knew I’d be needing the extra energy for my bike ride.

I spotted three alligators on my ride. Two were road kill and one was swimming- looking for his sandwich and a half.

My day ended at the volunteer fire department of Des Allemands.  I noticed a few firefighters taking a smoke break so I rode up and asked if they knew of a campground. None of them knew of a campground, but the chief (well, the guy who seemed to be in charge) offered up a nice bit of grass next to the station. He even let me inside the station to use the shower! I’d say things are starting off quite nicely.