Awhile back I was in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and my host told me the day before she had hosted another touring cyclist who was also heading to New Orleans. His name was Topher and he was traveling with a ukulele and a bamboo saxophone. I wondered if I might run into him en route or in the big easy.

A few days later at the Pilgrim House Hostel in Memphis, I saw a uke and sax on a bed and knew that I had caught the mysterious Topher. Later that day Topher came back from site seeing in Memphis and as he sat down in the bunk-bed next to me I said,”Hey Topher, I’m Mark.” We had a good laugh (something we’re both pretty good at) and started sharing stories from the road. Fast forward a couple of weeks and a road trip through Mississippi, and you’ll find us sitting on pillows on the floor of a vegan café in New Orleans drinking chai tea and talking about travel.




Topher, tell us about your tour. Where did you start and where are you heading?






What’s the best part of traveling by bicycle?







What has been the highlight of your trip so far?





Why the adventure?



When do you plan on stopping?




Be sure to follow Topher on his Facebook page Topher Travels!

Here are a few pics from his adventures…


Day #1 in Michigan
Punk show in Chicago


Having a ball at City Museum in St. Louis


Road trippin


At the sculpture garden in City Park in New Orleans