In case you missed it or if you want a little refresher, the past 100 days I’ve been traveling around exploring and meeting people. I’ve visited places that I have never been before,met new friends and visited old friends along the way. Check out these snapshots.


Started pedaling August, 5th from Washington DC. Stopped in Annapolis and toured the Navel Academy.

Started pedaling August, 5th from Washington, DC- Annapolis.

Baltimore and some new friends in Maryland.
Trenton, NJ and Brooklyn, NY.
NYC, Albany and some small town.
Ticonderoga and Keeseville, NY.


US and Canadian border.
Sutton, Canada.
The White Mountains in New Hampshire.
New Hampshire and Maine.
New Hampshire and Maine.
Massachusetts and Connecticut.
New Jersey.
NYC again!
Wilmington, Trenton and Baltimore again.
Washington, DC again.
Richmond, VA. and the world championship bicycle races.
Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia.
West Virginia.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Columbus, Ohio.
Richmond, Indiana.
Indianapolis, Indiana.
Indianapolis again.
Indiana and Illinois.
St. Louis, Missouri.
Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
Waiting out the storms and meeting new friends in Missouri.
William in New Madrid, Missouri.

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