For the first official episode of Map Monday, I’d like to share a screenshot of some red dots on my weather app.

Those dots are all places I’ve traveled since May. Each dot has been a great experience in its own special way. I’ve seen so many different cities and towns and enjoyed countless amazing  views of nature along the way.There has been beautiful weather and also some rain and (more recently) really cold temperatures to deal with.  There have been ups and downs and also lots of hills and mountains, but at the end of each day I’m glad to be experiencing the world by traveling. As I look at the map with the remnants of hurricane Patricia moving across the country, I’m grateful to be safe and dry in Chicago where I’m taking a little time off of the bicycle. About a week ago my legs told me it was time to slow down and give them a break. ( “Shut up legs!” wasn’t working  anymore. They were now screaming at me to stop by cramping ways I’d never imagined possible) I’m extremely thankful for my hosts in Indy and their understanding to allow me to stay an extra day and then keep my bicycle as I bussed to Chicago. I’m attempting to stretch my legs out and figure out how  to make all this traveling around work more efficiently. I’ve got myself  in trouble a couple times now by pushing too hard and and not giving my body a break. So once my legs start cooperating again and I get back on the bicycle, I’m going to commit to a rest day once a week and an easy day once a week.  Also, I don’t want to be a one trick pony, so occasionally I plan on ditching the bike and allowing myself the freedom to do other things like take a train or bus or go for a hike. I look forward to that.