I stayed with a really nice couple when passing through Boston recently. They had some souerkraut out on their counter and I asked if they pickled it with vinegar or without. They assured me they pickled it the traditional way,without vinegar. We talked bout pickling different things for a bit and then got the idea for me to pickle some stuff while on the road. I grabbed some vegetables when I went out to find some dinner. I returned and we threw together a nice little medley of of veggies and spices. I was instructed to open my pickling container a couple times a day to release the build up of pressure from the fermentation process. And I was also told white mold might grow on top and could be scrapped off ,but pink or blue mold is a really bad sign and the pickles would need to be tossed. It was then I started thinking it might not be such a great idea to be pickling on the road, but I did it anyway because I’m about trying new things. 

Day 1. Tested the cucumbers. Salty and delicious. Not pickled. 

Day 2. Cucs are a little softer and not so salty. Tried a carrot. Definitely not ready. 

Day 3. Didn’t release the buildup of pressure soon enough and pickle juice exploded all over my food bag. Tried a piece I celery. Pretty good. 

Day 4. Ate almost all of the cucumbers. They were becoming tangy and delicious. Celery was starting to take on flavor of spices. Food bag was sticky for some reason?!?

Day 5 & 6. Carrots started soften and to take on more flavor. No mold. 

Day 7 & 8. No testing, just released pressure. No mold. 

Day 8,9 & 10 No cycling. Pickles sat with loose lid in hotel. Didn’t check for mold. 

Day 11. Went to tighten lid and hit the road. Noticed mold everywhere! Pickles in trash.  

I didn’t really feel safe with these strange folks.

JK. These folks were super nice.