The ther day I needed to get from Connecticut to Jersey didn’t feel like being a “hero” battling traffic so I decided to bike,train,bike, ferry and bike to get where I was going. I waited till the morning rush hour was over because bicycles aren’t allowed on trains during peak hours in most cities. Plus, who wants to be the idiot attempting to pack a  loaded touring bike onto a crowded train? When my train arrived at Grand Central I waited for the sea of people to clear before I walked out of the station. A nice New Yorker held the door for me twice as I made my way to 42nd street. His small act of kindness reminded me of when I was in the city a few years back and a guy and I carried a loaded shopping cart up the subway steps for a pregnant lady.  (Then other guy noticed the lady struggling and asked me to help. Good people everywhere) Everyone in NY is in a rush, but not too much to stop and help each other out when needed.   After singing a few songs from 42nd Street on 42nd Street for change, I cycled over to the 35th ferry station. I made a point to wait till everyone in a hurry got in the boat before rolling my bike onto the ferry. Two of the crew members loading passengers on the ferry were interested in my tour and chatted with me for a little before we pushed off. With the help of a train, boat, and  my sister’s pickup truck I was able to cover over 150 miles in a day. That would have been 2-3 days of travel had I not gone multimodol.