I met these three AT through hikers in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. They met out on the trail, became good friends and decided to stick together for the remainder of the hike. There’s definitely a less is more trend on the trail this year. Light weight clothes and gear is in. Shoes seem to be¬†replacing the old fashioned hiking boot.

Nicolas, making another appearance on the blog, was the first touring cyclist I spotted since the trail between Pittsburgh and DC. He was on the road from Montreal heading to NYC. We ended up meeting for poutine in Montreal. Nicolas is driving a soapbox car his company designed in a Redbull downhill race. I can’t wait to see the results.
I met Vickie in Vermont in front of a bike shop as she was finishing up changing a flat tire. She’s from San Fran and was enjoying a short bike touring vacation in the northeast. Later that day I ran into her on the side of the road working on a her brake. After we both did the best MacGyver job we could manage to get the brake working properly again, we rode through the White Mountains together for about 40 miles. I couldn’t keep up. Like me, she is also a member of the “I rode across America on a bike” club. Nice gal. She’s a really smart scientist or something like that.
I met this guy on the side of a bathroom wall at a campground in Vermont. I asked if he wanted to join me for a few miles and he said he’d rather just stick around.
Guillaume, from Canada, is riding from New Brunswick to Florida! We met somewhere in New Hampshire. We might meet again since we’re both going the same direction for a few days. He was thinking about going inland and away from the higher traffic and population of the coastline.
David, from Scotland, I met in Portland, Maine. He was nearing the end of a 6 month soon to be 10,000 mile tour!!!! He already has one 10,000 mile tour under his belt. Super nice guy who can really pack on the miles. We ran into each other again out on the road the next day as we were leaving Portland.
JJ, from San Fran, was heading down to Maryland. We met in a small Massachusetts town at a coffee shop. We were both filling up on, water, electricity and WIFI. A few days later we crossed paths in Boston. I have a feeling we’ll be meeting again out on the road as he and I both have plans to keep doing bicycle tours.
I met these 4 AT through hikers in New Hampshire. They were taking a few days off from hiking to rest and relax before tackling the White Mountains and some of the toughest parts of the AT. The waiter asked them what the most beautiful part of the trail was and one guy replied “the kindness of strangers”. Pretty cool.
I didn’t think to take a photo, but I met a really nice 84 year-old man who was part of the 2nd grandparent team to successfully hike the whole Appalachian Trail! ( he did it in 88) He had a shirt that said “Go AT!” So his trail name ended up being Grandpa Goat.