Meet Nicolas. He’s from Montreal and is cycling to nyc. He shared some maps with me to help me on my way. We might meet for poutine in Montreal.

Meet Ray from the bay. Originally from San Fran, Ray now bartends in Brooklyn. He recognized my Chuy cycling cap and we discussed bike touring while I ate my lunch. I had been locked out of my buddy Peter’s house so Ray bought me a beer to help me kill time. Nice guy.

Meet Pete. When Peter is not busy locking me out of his apartment, he’s busy attending Parsons school of design in nyc. He’s also a talanted choreographer and a great cook. His jokes are not funny. Peter is also one of my best friends.

Meet Laury and Nikki. They are both musicians living in Trenton. The girls were nice enough to allow me to crash on a couch at their place.

Meet Jon and Stephen. They graciously had me over for a delicious grilled dinner. New Jersey has really good sweet corn.

Meet Darsombra. They are a rock duo from Baltimore I saw them play in Jersey and almost caught them again in Brooklyn, but I was too tired from cycling all day to stay up. (old man Troxler at your service!)

This is Swale. He is a recovering heroin addict that is planning a cross country bicycle tour to go to schools and warn children of the dangers of drug use. He also rode a horse from the northeast to Georgia to raise funds for a sick child that couldn’t afford the cost of treatment.

Some old Polish royal keeping an eye on folks enjoying pierogies in nyc.

This is a cat. Not a person.