I met Lawrence as he was about two weeks in to his walk from Manhattan to Montreal. To stay out of the rain we shared a pavilion near a firehouse in a small town south of Albany, New York. I passed Lawrence walking earlier in the day. I rang my bicycle bell and shouted hello as I passed and he replied with a “hello there bicycle traveler”.  I didn’t expect to see him again, but around 8 or 9 at night he came walking up to the same pavilion I was camped at. I guess we both share the same travelers instinct. I had received an ok to camp out at the pavilion from one of the firemen earlier that day so we were both able to rest easy. We chatted about each of our journeys and he shared some peaches that were acquired from a roadside stand that day. We both set our sleeping bags and mats up on picnic tables and we both ended up setting up our tents when the mosquitos started eating us alive.