I had the great pleasure of meeting Wills in Trenton, New Jersey. Wills is super cool. I could never even dream of being half as cool as Wills. After living out of a school bus on the west coast for a spell, he drove it back east with a friend. When the bus broke down out west, he sold it and rode his bicycle back to Trenton. The past few years Wills has dedicated himself to making a positve impact on Trenton through the use of art, music, bicycles, gardening and teaching. He started a city wide art project painting murals on abandoned buildings and unsightly/boring shop shutters.  He helped take abandoned lots and turn them into community gardens. He teaches bicycle repair classes at a boys and girls center. He started a bike polo league and made sure to create a mobile sound system so people can enjoy music while playing polo. Wills welds bicycles to create tall bikes and art pieces. Once a month he’ll organize and lead a themed bicycle ride through Trenton. He decorates one of his tall bikes to go with the theme and hangs a flag from the back.  That must be quite the site! He also plays bass guitar (doesn’t have a band currently) and has a 9-5 at a sign shop.

Pretty cool dude.