Riding into Baltimore, it felt like I was on the set of The Wire. It was sad to see so many neighborhoods in such disrepair. Rows of once beautiful historic row houses boarded up and in shambles. Going in and out of town I was the only white guy around.( I was also definitely the only person wearing spandex!)  Not good or bad just different than places I usually find myself.
I stopped to take some photos of the great architecture in downtown and then headed to the harbor to reconnect with the East Coast Greeway.

The bambino is from baltimore.

 The sea of tourists falling into traps and all of the new high-end shopping and lofts at the harbor made me uncomfortable. After a few minutes I kept on rolling.


Leaving the “nice new” part of Baltimore I ran parallel to the interstate for a bit. Blocks from those shiny lofts and fancy boutiques was a village of homeless people living in tents or whatever they could throw together for shelter.

 I came upon a few people smoking a joint. One in their party was tweaking out standing on the trail in front of me. He didn’t move until I was right infront of his face and had said pardon me 3 times. (He must have had something better {bad joke} than a joint ) I might have been the only Wonderbread as I entered and exited the city, but I never felt unsafe. I said hello to lots of people hanging out on the street and one lady even let me know she liked the way my booty looked in spandex. ( I imagine most ladies like the way my booty looks in spandex, they just don’t tell me as enthusiastically.) After the slums,tourists and slums  again, I came across something far worse than I ever could have imagined. The SUBURBS!!! After riding in crazy downtown traffic and riding through neighborhoods most would call unsafe, I was faced with suburban madness and was immediately honked at, yelled at and passed with aggression. Those people were so important that they couldn’t wait one tiny second to get back to their cookie cutter homes to watch netflix! I’d never met people so important before. I tried to ask for autographs, but no one had time for a silly bike riding wanderer.  Oh well. 

 I’m not trying to put down Baltimore   And I should say that I’m writing this after passing through dc, Baltimore, Wilmington and Philly. All of those cities have tourist traps, historic areas slums and fancy neighborhoods. I’m glad I get to see the whole city when bike touring and not just skip from the airport to the whitewashed pretty parts of town.