My friends (and Warmshowers hosts) Tom and Karen took me out to dinner after a day of bike repairs, packing (or giving more stuff away) and Tour of Poland and Tour of Utah bicycle race watching.

We really Thai-ed one on!
I am ready to “spring”into bike touring action and get my wheels “rolling” again!

In typical Troxler first few days of tour fashion, I managed to lock my helmet in the basement after Tom and Karen had gone to the airport early in the morning. You’ll be seeing pics of my awesome new bright orange neon headpiece  soon.

Starting a monumental tour!
I stopped in the Department of Treasury to see if they’d sponsor a leg of the tour. Can you guess what they said?
Annapolis or bust!
Went for a tour of the Naval Academy to see where my father went to school.
One of many beautiful buildings on the campus.   
Annapolis and bust?
Annapolis and bust?

This anchor is the same size as a small car. It made me really want an Anchor Steam beer for some reason.

It felt good to get back on the road today. 

This song goes out to my childhood and the time I learned the first 30 seconds of this song on my guitar.


This song goes out to all my cowboy friends.