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After breakfast at Barefoot Cafe with all sorts of friends and family,  Lars and I rode from Fairfax to Sausalito where he saw San Francisco for the first time from across the bay.  Lars led the way across the bridge and in the middle we stopped to take some pictures. We snapped some of the bay, city and bridge and after I took a few shots of Lars on the bridge he asked me if I wanted him to return the favor. I thanked him but said no. That thumbs up “yeah I did it” photo just didn’t feel right. Plus, there were tons of tourists on the bridge and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Shortly after we escaped the sea of camera wielding tourists, I  had to pull over to stretch out a cramp. I’d made it 1000 miles and was determined to get those last 5 miles out of the way. A short stretch and snack break later, we headed back into the tourists at the piers and cycled down the Embarcadero ’til we hit Broadway where we turned to head up the hill to Lars’ hostel the Green Tortoise. ( I stayed at the Green Tortoise in Seattle. Lars and I were both satisfied with the hostels) After keeping an eye on Lars’ bike while he checked in and made three trips up the stairs with his gear, I headed back to Mojo Bicycle Cafe to drop off my bicycle to be packed and shipped off for the next adventure. I’ve now had lunch and coffee there a couple of times and can tell you the food is really good. Also, the guys in the shop were super professional and friendly too. (Some shops you get one or the other)

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After meeting so many great people and hearing about their journeys, I really didn’t want the lights to go down on this tour. I wanted to keep riding down to Mexico with the Canadians, over to the Grand Canyon with Aaron or all the way to Portland, Maine with Chris. One day. And hopefully it’s one day soon!