A few days before I was to finish my tour, I slipped into San Francisco by ferry to meet some friends for lunch. (Only after a little freak-out over a misplaced bike lock key, of course) I cycled from the ferry building (one of my favorite places in the world when the farmers market is there on Saturdays) to meet my amigos at Mojo Bicycle Cafe.  I noticed my mate Aaron, who was en route to the Grand Canyon from BC, was having his bicycle worked on at the shop so after lunch I shot him a text to see if he wanted to grab an afternoon beer.

My mate Aaron’s bicycle getting a proper once over!

photo 2 (1)

I cycled over to meet Aaron at his hotel for one last beer and goodbye and then I pedaled back to the ferry building to catch the 5:30  with all of the commuters. There were quite a few multi-modal commuters filling up the bike racks on the boat.

photo 2 (2)After my ferry ride I raced from the water up to my friends condo in San Rafeal where I was to meet Lucas and J-rod before going out to dinner. I ended up being 1 minute late because I decided to walk up the the super steep hill leading to their place. Not that I couldn’t ride up the hill, I just thought I’d be less of a sweaty mess if I walked. Not sure I was any better off. The boys and I headed out to Terrapin Crossroads for dinner. Phil Lesh, of the Grateful Dead, wanted to open up a joint to combine local, organic sustainable farm to table food with live music. The food was absolutely amazing. We got to enjoy a jazz quintet with dinner and then a bluegrass band as the three of us manly dudes shared 1 banana cream dessert.


photo (16)

The next morning I met some other friends back at Terrapin crossroads for brunch. The bluegrass band was back with a few extra background singers that must have had the night off the day before. We enjoyed the music from a distance, choosing to sit outside in the sun so we could all actually talk and hear each other without screaming over the music. (I sound like an old man, I know) We enjoyed more of the California hippie organic local food and visited until the kids started to get restless and ready for nap time. It seems like I’m the only one I know that’s not married with children. Oh well. I guess that means I have more time to travel and ride my bicycle.


PS. I spent 45 minutes dredging through YouTube  for a Grateful Dead  song I liked or at least had heard before. Didn’t find one.