Months ago when I first heard about my friends getting married in Seattle I thought it would be fun to cycle up to Vancouver after the wedding. Then I was taking with my good friend Lucas, who is a third generation jeweler (check out Sofia Jewlery to see his work) and a former ballet dancer, and got the idea to ride a little further and visit him and his family in San Rafael.

So back to the ride… My day started in Bodega Bay at a little coffee shop with the gals from Chicago. They were picking up some bagels for lunch and I needed a 2nd cup of  coffee to fuel my day. The Barista at the cafe was a flamboyant character who was singing questions to the customers as well as giving a running dialogue of everything she was doing to prepare drinks and food. I surprised her a bit when I sang “Good morning to you. I’d love a medium cappuccino to go please!” I wished the girls well and said goodbye as we parted ways. After the first big hill of the day, I was rewarded with a great bakery and the companionship of some of my fellow touring cyclists. Aaron and I rolled out of Valley Ford at the same time so we decided to ride together until Fairfax where he’d go on to San Fran and I’d go to San Rafael. It was a picturesque day for cycling. Blue skies, a nice breeze and beautiful views every direction. Riding past Tomales Bay, I told Aaron about the oyster farming they do and this spot where you can buy oysters and grill them and hang out. I went years back and ate more oysters than I thought was possible. So good.  We stopped for a lunch break in Point Reyes Station before tackling the next few hills into Fairfax. As we were cycling through the redwoods north of Fax, Aaron waved to an on coming cyclist and was completely ignored. I guess he was trying to break a personal best training time and couldn’t be bothered.  Rude. In town I told Aaron we had to go to Fairfax Scoop because it’s some of the best ice-cream (14) We made it there just before school got out and the line went out the door. It’s not uncommon to have lines out the door and down the block at this place. In that famous line, we started talking to a lady who was named was Rain. I had warned Aaron about all of the California nut jobs out there, but no warning could have prepared him (or me for that matter) for this lady. She was certifiably hippy dippy. Once we decided what flavors to try, we all found a bench to sit on while we enjoyed our scoops and chatted about traveling and adventures we’d been on. It turns out Rain was heading to San Rafael by bicycle so the three of us rode out of Fairfax until Aaron peeled off towards Sausalito. Rain guided me to San Rafael and recommended a coffee shop for me hang out at while I got in-touch with my good friend Sophie. I had my 4th coffee of the day, got an address and figured out the best way to cycle to Sophie and J-rod’s place. I was warned about a “steep hill” leading up towards their condo and I laughed at it until I was staring at it face to face. It was indeed a steep hill. About 1/2 way up two teenage boys walking down the hill shouted encouragements to me and that helped me power through. (plus, I really didn’t want them to see me get off and walk)  I got to the house right during nap time for the little one so I had to wait to meet the latest addition to the family. After naptime I met Gaia and we hit it off right


Lucas came to pick me up and drive me to his house for dinner. I can’t explain how great it was to see him and the family. Before dinner, Lucas, Julie and I were talking in the living room while the kids were chasing an ice-cream truck and Nanny was chasing the kids. Lucas was saying something about how Julie was pregnant and I had been on a journey and how weird it was for us all to be connected in again in their new house and how it was old but new and strange yet familiar. He was starting to remind me of Rain a little too much so I had to stop him and ask what the heck he was talking about. Julie and I started cracking up when he said he didn’t really know. He was just feeling the moment and trying to describe it in his own hippy dippy Faifax california boy way.