My good friends in Fort Worth (Jen and Ben) E-troduced me to an awesome couple (JC and John) in Newport and I was able to take them up on their offer to stay the night. ( the offer was actually for a couple of nights, but I had to keep trucking)

  We shared dinner and some laughs. ( well JC doesn’t enjoy puns ,for some strange reason, so no laughs thanks to me)John is a master distiller with Rogue Ales and Spirits. Unfortunately there wasn’t time for me to tour the Rogue facilities. ( it gives me another reason to get back up to the PNW sometime soon!) It’s meeting great people like these two that make traveling so fun and interesting. 


I Had the “San Francisco Joe” breakfast plate at a little joint in the Nye district of Newport and then we all headed to the farmers market for dinner ingredients ( for them) and road snacks ( for Lewis & Clark). There was some confusion on who ordered which cut of lamb at the market and one of the packages was accidentally dropped. I said “that’s definitely the ground lamb”.   JC might have cracked a smile.




The pic below is from the time JC and John went to the Burning Man festival. Pretty rad.


I met a couple of good folks from Canada that were also touring the coast.  John snapped a few pics of me as I rode out of town.     And here’s a photo of Whiskey on the beach.