After three days of sunshine in the city, I had the privilege of riding in some classic Seattle weather as I launched my tour.

I used a King county map ,that I snagged at Velo Bike Shop, to navigate out of the city.

  I had planned on using my phone as my map to get to Olympia, but my phone didn’t want to cooperate. I found a Pierce county map at a police/fire station in the little town of Pacific and used that to get to Sumner where I stopped in Bonney Lake Bicycle Shop to see about the best route through the area.

  I ended up traveling south of Joint Base Lewis-McChord. (I decided not to try to make a “joint joke” about the new law out here in Washington)  In the afternoon I needed to have a rest and refuel so I decided ( like an idiot) to eat some really bad Mexican food. After the most pathetic tostada ever, I hopped onto highway 507 and  found a coffee shop with WIFI to check my location on my phone. Realizing that I was way too far south of Olympia to make it for dinner, I sent my friend a text to reschedule dinner plans to the next time I find myself in the area. In place of a delicious dinner and a warm bed, tonight I’ll be searching for a place on the side of the road to set up my tent and eat granola bars.

And so it begins!