1. Double check your flight status and then remember that you did so you don’t freak out and panic when you read an old email and think your flight is at 1 and not 4. 
  2. Remember a water bottle so you can fill it up when you get through security. This saves you from spending way too much money on a bottle of water at the airport. Also remember to not leave your water bottle in the bed of your friend’s truck. ( Hey Macy, is there a camel back in your truck?)
  3. Always have a book, crossword puzzle and magazine. Well, at least try to remember one or you’ll end up making silly blog posts. 
  4. Empty your pockets and such before you get into the security line. (Seriously. No one likes the person that takes 20 minutes to get through the checkpoint)
  5. Don’t pack clothes for a wedding in a backpack by shoving them in 5 minutes before you get picked up.