Today was my last day to train with my touring bicycle and all of my gear. Tomorrow it gets dropped off at Bicycles INC for my buddy Brandon to box it up and ship  to Seattle. 

Six miles into my ride I stopped at the The Lunch Box to fuel up with breakfast. I had their brioche french toast and loved it. All I wanted to do after eating was go home and take a nap.

 I was able to motivate myself to get out and ride. It was too nice of a day not to.

  Roughly 30 miles outside of Fort Worth the terrain changes. There are some nice hills to climb and some pretty scenery to admire. The spot pictured above seems to be a place where the ground just decided to disappear. 


The wild flowers were out in force thanks to all the rain Texas has been receiving. And speaking of all that rain, I was about 15 miles from completing my ride when a big Texas sized thunderstorm started chasing me down. I got caught ( and pretty soaked ) by the rain, but I was able to reach the safety of my front porch before the wind and lightning got bad. Thank goodness my bike tour starts in the Pacific Northwest and there won’t be any rain to deal with.