Recently in Fort Worth there was a cyclist struck from behind by a car. This sort of accident is the rarest way for a cyclist to be hit , but it is usually the most lethal.Fortunately , the cyclist survived the encounter and, with time, the wounds will heal. The accident took place at nine in the evening, on a road that I frequently ride on. The cyclist was experienced with touring and commuting (similar to me I’d imagine) and was most likely not the reason the accident happened. One might assume the driver was texting or more likely drunk because after hitting the cyclist the driver fled the scene.  That was A terrible, cowardly move leaving another human for dead or dying on the side of the road. There was a person in an apartment building nearby that heard the collision and called 911.  Unfortunately there were no witnesses to the crime. I’m almost certain the driver will not be found. Just imagine living the rest of your life knowing you left another human being injured on the side of the road. That would torture me.

After hearing about the accident a group of cyclists  started putting together a fundraiser to help out with the medical bills. The Night Rider!/FortWorthNightRiders  passed a helmet, on one of our rides, to help out with immediate cost of living. ( like a bike group Aflac) After a few weeks of planning the fundraiser committee had secured a venue with bands,donated raffle items and free breakfast tacos! The fundraiser ended up benefitting both the injured cyclist and Bike Texas. I was asked to help organize the bicycle ride that accompanied the fundraiser and I gladly volunteered. One of the other Night Rider leaders ( the guy that took over for me when I was on my tour) lead the ride and a bunch of the other Night Riders helped keep the ride running smoothly while I rode in the back of the group making sure no one got left behind. There were over 150 cyclist that showed up for the “Share The Road” ride.The ride went off with out a hitch with that many bikes on the road. ( for the most part, we did have a couple of impatient drivers) It was great to see so many folks come out and support a good cause.