Somewhere in a Dakota
Ok.As y’all know I haven’t done one single blog post since I completed my journey. That’s about to change. I really am not much of a writer and only started the blog to share my trip with everyone that had helped me on my way and for those that wanted to do something similar but couldn’t because of work or family or age or whatever wouldn’t let them. As soon as I finished I lost all motivation to write as I enjoyed a few days in D.C.,New Jersey and NYC without staring into my cell phone screen for an hour every night. I had planned on writing about visiting friends and family and walking around NYC with pearl izumi shoes on my feet, but I just needed a break. Today I picked up the book I had purchased in Missoula (Out West: American Journey Along the Lewis and Clark Trail) and finally finished it. As I was reading the last two chapters I started to day dream of  those long empty roads I pedaled down this summer and realized I hadn’t told the whole story yet. There are several posts I started and didn’t finish as well as a few I want to write about being back in civilazation. I’ve aslo decided to keep the blog going any time I travel or happen to be up to something fun or crazy in the Fort. (Fort Worth,Texas)