In the towns of Bonesteel, South Dakota and Platte City, Missouri there were newspapers that did articles on the bike ride.

The article reads…

Mark Troxler started out in Oregon on his expedition riding on bicycle from state to state.Following the Lewis and Clark trail to its beginning in St. Louis, Mo. and from there he will go on to Washington DC. Mark stopped in Bonesteel ‘liking the name’ of the town and found the folks to be friendly. Mark has had 7 flats during his trip and completely replacing the rear tire. He states that South Dakota wind can be his friend when it hits his back but coming towards him can be his enemy. He’s originally from Pittsburgh, Pa being a Steelers fan. Mark has always wanted to ride the trail and stop in different states and refresh. He has enjoyed meeting different people. Mark works in Theater having the summers off. He is using his time for his long journey. Maybe you’ll get to meet or see Mark on this challenge and you can give him a warm welcome in your hometown, as we have in Bonesteel.

( it seems like we went to the same school of bad writing)

And the other reads…

Have you ever traveled across the United States via bicycle? This man is doing it, just because. ‘It’s something I thought I would always want to do” said Mark troxler,29, of Fort Worth Tex. Troxler began his trek May 3 in Astoria, Oregon, about 70 miles west of Portland,after traveling there by plane. He said he mailed his bike from Texas to Oregon rather than paying for it to be flown. He was in Platte City Tuesday morning, and is heading to St. Louis,then to Pittsburgh to see family,then to Washington D.C. “I’m kind of following the Lewis and Clark expedition in reverse,” Troxler said, adding that he had never been through much of the Midwest until this ride. “I need to finish by July 28 because my sister is getting married in New Jersey. I’ll finish before then. I’m kind of taking my time,stopping to read all the historic markers and meet with some of the locals along the way,” said Troxler.Most of the nights he spends camping, but treats himself to a hotel/motel stay about once a week.There are times he’s been taken in for a night by friendly folks he has met along the way. While in Platte City, you can bet he had the opportunity to go through the Ben Ferrel Museum,220 Ferrel street. Betty Soper of the Platte County Historical Society, a long time facilitator and tour guide for the museum, brought Trossler by The Landmark for a visit.

( what are the chances that a guy named Trossler was also there?)