I’ve created myself rules to follow to assure a successful cycling tour. Most of the rules had to be broken before being created and some had to be broken again.

1. Always at least try to go to the bathroom before leaving a comfortable place.

2. Always fill up all water bottles when the you have a chance.

3. Never retaliate an insult or car horn.

4. Always take people up on an offer of kindness.

5. By four o’clock if you don’t know where you’re staying, start figuring it out.

6. Don’t drink too many beers.

7. Do drink lots of water.

8. Always ask the locals for advice. ( what road/food/beer/motel)

9. Avoid severe weather, if possible.

10. Grab a shower any chance you get. Who knows when the next will come.

11. Always stop at historic markers.

12. Never waste momentum.

13. Take lots of pictures.

14. Don’t wast time taking lots of pictures.

15. Look above where you put your tent.

16. Don’t have to many rules.