I failed to explain the last leg of my trip is mainly on two hiker/ biker trails. The Gap ( Great Allegheny Passage) runs from Pittsburgh to Cumberland Maryland. The C and O ( Cumberland and Ohio ) runs from Cumberland to Washington DC. The Gap is an old rail line converted into a rail-trail. It’s a very smooth crushed limestone path with easy grades. The best feature is the railroad bridges than span over the rivers and valleys. The C and O is an old canal that was originally going to run all the way to the Ohio river. It never made it because before it could be completed trains had been invented and took over as a more efficient form of transportation. The C and O path ( where the mules used to pull the barges) is pretty rough and bumpy, but full of history. There are seventy some locks along the canal, all in deferent states of disrepair. Most locks had a lock house where someone would live and operate the lock. The Gap is around a hundred-fifty miles long and the canal is about 180.