I had a great sleep by the pond at the trailer park and was packed up and on to town for a coffee before 8. Had a pleasant ride to the town of Chillicothe, which was the first Capitol of Ohio. Some cool old buildings and a little bit of a buzz about town. It wasn’t thriving, buy definitely surviving. I’m always hopeful for a town or city when I see old buildings being renovated and that was the case with several today. I wish I had more time to snap pics and explore, but I had to stay focused on the ride.
I’m pretty sure the route I took today put my ride near or above the century mark. The ride today was one of the most
challenging and rewarding for since Montana. Some of the hills today were both steep and long. Great curves and downhills made for the roller coaster style of riding that I really love. I went thru the area of Ohio that draws the most outsiders one person was telling me. Beautiful hills and forests with caves is what draws people to the area.
I arrived in Athens dead tired and went to find my host. It ended up being the first warm shower contact that didn’t work out. I was lucky and found a motel with vacancy on the edge of town. I was too tired to go explore or to the grocery store so I ordered a pizza.