Had a great time catching up with two of my former coworkers last night in Dayton. We had a great dinner and pie to die for afterwards. ( maybe not die but it was good pie) I am a genius and came up with the idea to have lunch in Yellow Springs (a cool little hippy town) , so I told my friends to give me an hour and I’d meet them at Winds ( a cool little organic/local restaurant). On my way to town I witnessed a car accident right in front of me on the road. A two lane highway and a truck slows to make a right turn. The car behind see and slows the car behind that one didn’t and boom! It was about fifty yards in front of me and really got my attention. I know the risk of cycling and will always take it, but to see that happen right in front of me definitely got my heart rate up. A bunch of folk that lived in the nearby farms came running out to the road to see what was going on. I told a couple guys what happened and road up to see that all drivers and passengers were ok. Everyone was shaken up but in good shape.
I was told on my Facebook to go checkout Yellow Springs (that’s were the lunch idea actually came from and the restaurant was recommend by someone else

) and when I was it felt like a California town more than a town in the middle of Ohio.
My friends met me at Winds and we had one of the best meals since the start of my trip. I really wanted to stay and hang out in the area another day or two, but I’m trying to get to Pittsburgh with enough time to see friends and family.
Had a pleasant ride in the Ohio countryside,minus a detour and some jerks passing a little to fast and furious.
Made it to the town of Washington Court House (yes that is the towns real name) and called a trailer park on the outskirts to see about camping. I got a hold of an old timer that said he’d meet me in twenty minutes. I road out of town and on to the street that the TP was located and some how road past it. I was pulled over and about to check my phone and a truck drives by honking and the guy was pointing back to where I came. I road back and meet him at the TP and we introduced ourselves. He was a very friendly old man and showed me books in the office,talked about his new dial up provider that bought out the old one,showed me rocks that looked like other things, showed me the TP pond and garden and told me I could stay for free. The pond was a place were they dug up clay for bricks and at his house there is another old quarry pond that has catfish thirty pounds. He ended up giving me a photo of a rock that looks like a face. ( he discovered it near the ancient burial mound at his farm)
I am currently watching bats eat dinner by the pond and the lightning bugs fly around over a field of soy beans.