Had a great breakfast with my Host family in Columbus. Blueberries,strawberries,peanut-butter toast,muffins, coffee and two bananas.
I was struggling for the first two or three hours on the road. My legs just wouldn’t get going. They finally started working after a Arnold Palmer break on a park bench.
There was a clock tower with a tree growing out of it in one town square.
I stopped in Batesville ,a German town, for a nice lunch at Sherman House.
I stopped at a campground when a storm was starting to blow in and I asked about renting a cabin. I really didn’t want to be in a tent if I didn’t have to be. The guy behind the desk said it would be sixty to 70 bucks and I said well I think I’ll just camp then. My
Man behind the desk then said that would only be twenty some dollars(ridiculous) and I told him to help some costumers behind me and that I’d be back. I went outside and looked at my radar and saw the storm nearing so I went back in and asked for the sixty dollar cabin. The cabin ended up being 90 bucks and I thought to myself I could get a hotel room in downtown Cincinnati for that price, so I kept going towards the queen city.
It started raining after about an hour of anticipation. I had some nice lightening to watch off to my right and in front of me, but it never was so close I got worried.
Today was my second hundred mile day of the tour. I’m currently camped out on a couch downtown cincy watching national parks on PBS.