Yesterday I had a few errands to do and there was no way I was going to get them done and get on the road in time to beat the heat so I took the day off. The people I was staying with were totally cool and were also totally cool with me staying an extra day. At dinner, the night before, one of the local bike club guys offered to drive me around town and help me with me errands. I gladly took home up on the offer. We ran to the bike shop and outdoors store before grabbing some lunch. I was told for the 2nd or 3rd time about the movie Breaking Away that was filmed in Bloomington. I now have one more movie to add to my list of end of tour homework. After being treated to lunch at a local bakery/deli I was chauffeured to the post office and then back to the house. I’ve been meeting really kind and generous people since the start of the trip and in Bloomington Indiana I was lucky enough to meet some more. I squeezed in a nap and read some from my neglected book and then went out to a nice dinner with some Hoosiers. ( actually,
I don’t think anybody in our dinner party was actually from Indiana) A couple of games of darts and a couple of conversations with rednecks later I went to sleep with not quite enough hours before my alarm was going to go off. ( this one redneck was showing us what his anti-terrorist Leatherman could do for half an hour)

Two of the bike club guys road with me out of town in the morning. The craziest thing was, there names were Clark and Lewis,so it really was Lewis and Clark and Mark.
It’s always nice to follow the lead of the locals that know the best way to go. I got another flat tire and walked my bike under a tree in the driveway of a bed and breakfast. A sweet lady watering flowers asked if we wanted to use the hose to cool off and she also brought out ice for our water bottles. She took our picture and I told her I’d be sure to mention the Southern Comfort B n B in my blog. One tough hill and about sixteen miles later me and the guys stopped for lunch in Nashville ( an artist colony/tourist trap) and then said our farewells. The guys took a road to circle back to Bloomington and I headed to Columbus. ( in Indiana) I saw a gas station a few miles down the road and decided to stop and get ice for my bottles. I didn’t really need to stop but I wasn’t sure when I’d see my next gas station. Better to be safe that sorry. Btw the station was in the town of Gnaw Bone. I walked in and the air smelled like urine and fried chicken. I grabbed a lemon lime Gatorade and quickly switched it for an orange flavor. It was about noon thirty by now and the heat was starting to become a factor. About ten miles outside of Columbus this mini van turns off the road in front of me and this guys starts yelling my name. For a split second I couldn’t figure out how he knows my name and as he was introduceing himself I realized it was my Columbus Warm
Showers host.
He had brought me a cold Gatorade and offered to load my bags in the van do I could have a easier ride into town. I took home up on the offer and had a nice speedy to town. A snapped a few pics and hit a bike shop to replace the green tire that had been giving me flat troubles.
I met
The family I was staying with in Columbus and I had a nice time talking with them and got to use what was one of the best showers of the trip. ( it was like a smaller version of Niagara Falls )
We all shared a nice dinner of salmon,potatoes,corn and a none iceberg salad. After dinner I got a quick tour of some of the buildings designed by famous architects and we went to Zaharakos ice cream parlor that was built in 1900.