I pedaled thru the town of Newberry today and I didn’t get an award. Hot day on the bike again. Lots of liquids and some hilly terrain. Highlight ( or lowlight) of the day was a flat tire and I couldn’t patch it and I ran out of tubes two days ago so I walked to Walmart and the only presta valve tube they had was a 29by2 which is too big for my tire. It was my only hope with the patch job failing so I bought it. Walmart was a complete circus btw and I hate those stores but for today it was ok. So there I was in front of the store, bags everywhere, bike upside down and wearing spandex. I had become a “people of Walmart” picture. Look online tomorrow.
Anyway. I was able to shove the mtb tube into my smaller tire and air it up to the point I could ride. Back rolling again after a little ( long) delay, I made it to my host’s place. We shared a great dinner and some very intellectual conversations. (I did a lot of listening )
As a night cap we watched the tour de France stage of the day.