Met my buddy from Texas in Windsor Missouri late in the evening. I was perfectly on track to arrive at about six but as soon as I got on to the Katy trail I saw I had sixteen miles to ride, not the five I thought I had to ride. ( I’ve had a couple of planning mistakes were on paper things look easy or fast or maybe I just remember things wrong sometimes) Anyhow. It was great to see my Night Rider bud and even though only one of the three ended up making it, Missouri loves company. By the time I showed up at the campground there was a fire ready for cooking and a cold beer for drinking. There was a guy and girl riding east to west, we talked shop for a bit and all of us were invited over to an RV for some food.
In the morning we saw some Amish ride by in carriages. Apparently there is a large population in the area and some of the locals said they just keep on coming. ( they also said they are good neighbors)
After the first day on the trail I was covered in dust from the crushed limestone. As nice as it was to have a riding companion I’m glad I’m doing most of the tour solo because I don’t like being the slow guy and for three days I definitely was.
Now let me just back up a little and tell you about the Katy trail. It is an old rail line that runs from Clinton mo. to st. Charles mo. It used to be call the MKT ( Missouri- Kansas-Texas) line and was switched to Katy for short. In total it is two-hundred and forty miles long. It is a national park and basically like hiking on wheels. We enjoyed nice views and friendly people for 150 miles before my bud and I had to part in Herman.

FYI we road the trail starting on the 24th of June. This is just a missing link posted late.