Last night I stayed in the Red Hills state park, famous for being the highest point between St. Louis and Cincinnati. (wow)
I’ve become lazy when camping and I stopped hanging my food bag at night now that I’m outside of grizzly bear country. Well, I’m not outside ferocious raccoon country yet and last night I paid the price. I set up my tent and threw all my bags inside preparing for the thunderstorm. ( that never came) I rode around the lake and ate dinner at an inn and when I got back I discovered my tent had a tear in it with my food bags hanging out.Man,
I could have kicked my self. I was tired and ready to hit the hay and all of the sudden I have a situation to deal with. I found a tree suitable for hanging my food and I tried to block the tear in the tent with a pannier. It was hot and humid and there were ants crawling in my tent as well as a variety of winged creatures flying around. I contemplated sleeping outside on a table but the bugs were pretty bad. In the morning, after a great night of sleep(not), I took my food bag down from the tree and did damage control trying to save anything edible. What food the raccoons didn’t get to the ants were trying to finish off. I was able to save some of my food, but the damn raccoons got my Herman salami and cheese that went so well with apples while taking a breaks on the side of the road.
Out on the road I had some really nice hills, the kind you can climb in medium gears. I stopped in a few small towns and got water and Gatorade. I crossed into Indiana into the town of Vincennes ( Indiana’s first town) and took some photos of old buildings and churches. There was a large memorial built for a some military leader and I don’t remember his name. He must have been important because of the size of this bad boy, but the heat kept me from doing a good job as a tourist. It’s much more comfortable to be riding in the heat with a nice breeze, than to be standing in it without one. I decided to call it a day in Bicknell where I am staying in a bed and breakfast. ( aka the only place in town) It’s a nice old house with lots of character. Fake flowers,porcelain figurines, paintings on the walls and the most terrible (or awesome) carpet. Just grabbed a shower and am in the process of doing laundry. There will be no fireworks for me tonight unless I want to backtrack ten miles and hearing the thunder outside I’m pretty sure I don’t want to.