I slept like a champ in the guest bedroom of my new found friends place. I woke up at seven and the table was already set for breakfast. After signing the guest book for them and writing down there address for me, we all enjoyed b-fast together. I was on the road by 8 and thought I could have a big day on the road but my legs were tired and the heat was slowing me down. I think the previous two days had caught up with me because it wasn’t as hot today but I couldn’t hang. I stopped in Flora to look around and have a snack and headed towards Olney. The last five miles to Olney my legs started shutting down and I felt like I was over heating. I made it to a gas station and bought a Gatorade and some gummy bears(?) and saw a young boy get busted for stealing a slushy. I felt some life come back into me after eating the bears and drinking some cold water so I headed to the city park to find a place to sit in the shade. The city park is surrounded by a a dirt racetrack and as I was crossing over I started to sink in. I quickly unclipped and started to walk my bike and ended up walking almost ankle deep in mud. I should’ve stopped and turned around but the shade of the baseball dugout forced me on. My bike was a total mess, I could hardly push it with all the mud and rocks that got stuck to the mud. I didn’t care one bit. At the time, all I wanted to do was eat my sack lunch( Sue packed me a lunch like I was going to school) and take a nap. After mr. Cranky pants took a cat nap, he started pushing his bike to a car wash. After two batches of quarters the bike was ready to roll again and after two trips to the gas station for drinks, so was I. My legs felt better after the rest and I was able to pedal to the next town over where there was a campground.
The end.