Woke up early ( for me) to try to beat the heat but by the time I arrived downtown at 9, it was already 100 degrees. I stopped in a store and got a banana and some coconut water and then road past the arch and on to the river trail. I wasn’t sure how far I was going to make it with the heat but I was sure to take lots of water breaks. I crossed over the Mississippi river a bridge that used to be a toll bridge for route 66. I can’t tell you how many Gatorades I drank to day or how many times I filled my bottles with ice, just to have them melt almost immediately. I don’t know how but by the afternoon I felt great and headed past my original end point for the day. I was going to stop in Highland just because there was a Troxler ave. but when I saw how boring the street was I just kept in riding. I ended my day on a lake just outside Carlyle Illinois, exhausted from a great day of riding.