Fat free milk and potato chips. ( writing in front of a grocery store and just saw that leaving in a cart)
I left Carlyle at about nine and even though it’s a medium sized town or small city I still couldn’t find a place for breakfast. So I was forced to have gas station coffee and donuts again. ( bought a peach at a roadside stand a few miles out of town that was a healthy delicious desert )
I made a mistake with my planning and ended up adding a few extra miles to my ride but if I didn’t go thru the town of Centralia I would have missed seeing a guy on an electric bike pulling his girlfriend with a rope attached to her bike. Also a biker dude called me a bad ass for riding in the hundred plus heat. After I got back on track, I stopped in Salem for lunch. Sitting in front of the IGA grocery store eating my lunch I must have talked with five or six people. One couple gave me directions to their house ten miles out of town and told me I was more than welcome for dinner and to stay the night. I wasn’t planning on ending my day so soon but there was a storm coming in and I really don’t want to ride in t-storms unless I have to. It turns out when the couple was younger they did some bicycle touring. A German tour and a ride from the grand canyon to Mexico in the 80’s. We enjoyed a great meal of corn on the cob,drumsticks,baked potato and salad. ( the standard 4th of July meal a day or two early)
I am glad to be indoors tonight because there is still lighting and thunder happening outside.