Leaving my hotel near KCI I thought I was going to be in for a day of strip malls and busy streets but after negotiating thru some busy streets and highway over passes I found my self riding in the corn again. I wasn’t exactly sure of where I was going but I knew the general direction and it worked out well. I was surprised to find some really steep hills and had one close call were I had to turn into a drive way and unclip because I got stuck in too high a gear to pedal. I crossed over the Missouri (yet again ) from north KC into the real KC and had a truck nearly kill me in the process. In downtown I searched out a bike shop on my phone and located one just past my buddies place. (as I was pedaling up a steep hill this construction worker screamed ” you can do it!” in the style of a Adam Sandler movie.) At Midwest Cycles there were two guys working that were extremely helpful and friendly. I wanted to replace my destroyed front fender but they only sold fenders by the pair. One of the guys checked the basement and found one a little small for my bike but then, with some crafty bike repair skills, adapted to fit. The guys comped some of the labor and I left with a new tire and fender.
I went to a Caribbean restaurant to grab some lunch and I was the only white dude and I was definitely the only one in spandex. The food was pretty good and the ginger beer hit the spot and the people were really nice too. After my lunch, I cruised back down main st. getting to stop at almost every light. ( completely ruined all my downhill fun)
I met up with my buddy, who I hadn’t seen in a decade , and was introduced to his lovely wife. They were in the middle of moving from one apartment to another ( on the same floor) and I was able to give em a hand with a couple of bigger items before we enjoyed a couple of ice cold Boulevard beers on their new balcony. While in KC, I enjoyed BBQ and also some delicious sausages from Local Pig. Quinoa salad,spinach salad and homemade hummus were greatly appreciated after all the crummy food I’ve been eating on the road. KC has so many beautiful buildings and lots of fountains thru out the city. Lots of revitalized neighborhoods and old wear houses turned into apartments and lofts. There was a really cool community garden with solar panels and a wind mill for electricity and rain catching system that was connected to all the watering devices. Me and my buddy road bikes around town stopping at the downtown farmers market and a bike shop. ( it was a Friday so the market wasn’t in full swing but I imagine on a sat/sun it would be a great place) I added KC to my list of places to go back to and explore more in the future because the couple days I was there just wasn’t enough.