I’ve decided to write about today and catch up on missed days when time becomes available. Just think of it like one of the crazy movies that jumps around from end to beginning to the middle and so on. I promise I’ll catch up with days past soon.
So today me and my buddy from Texas (only one was able to come,you’ll find out about that two days ago) had our second day on the Katy Trail. We had a nice relaxing morning at the campground. I adjusted my front brake and changed at least my tenth flat tire of the trip. After packing up camp and saying good bye to a couple of nice middle age lady’s that were bike camping too, we pedaled into town for a coffee. Breakfast choices were limited being a Monday so we had to settle for a coffee and junk food from the gas station. We had a nice time sitting on the ground, in the shade of a tree, enjoying our coffees. The town of New Franklin didn’t have to much to see so headed to Rocheport about ten miles away. We road thru the MKT ( Missouri-Kansas-Texas ) tunnel and then hiked around and on-top of it. In Rocheport we found some nice older buildings, houses, antique stores and
A bunch of closed restaurants. There was one joint that a local guy said was open but had mediocre food and after a gas station breakfast we didn’t care. The food wasn’t bad ( on par with food everywhere else) and my buddy and I met and talked with a couple of groups of nice people. After a few miles more on the trail the landscape changed to some pretty steep cliff walls as we road along the river. We stopped and explored a couple of caves also saw some really old Indian art on one of the cliffs. We ended the day in Hartsburgh with some cold beers and the rib special at the only open joint in town. ( that seems to be how I pick my restaurants lately) It just so happened that guy serving us our ribs and beer was also the mayor of town and after dinner we both took a beer across the street to set up camp in the park. (with mayoral permission of course)
We set up tents in the gazebo as the nice old timer we met during dinner recommended and I walked across the street to use a garden hose for a nice quick bath.