I was walking around Platte City this morning, snapping pictures and I struck up a conversation with the curator of the towns museum. Betty was nice enough to give me a tour of the house while she emptied the dehumidifier and watered the plants. ( the museum wasn’t open today) She asked about my bike ride and then insisted on walking me to the town newspaper where I was interviewed and had my photo taken with my bike. ( that’s twice now)
I had a short ride to my hotel near the airport and when I arrived they said my room had been flooded and I had been moved to the another inn. For the inconvenience they refunded the points my friend in Fort Worth used for the room so it was a win win situation.
I’ll be taking a few days off here in KC and resuming the trip on the 23rd as I bike towards Windsor Missouri to meet my Night Rider bike buddies to ride the Katy Trail.