All the wind that was making my life miserable on the road yesterday, was great company camping last night . It’s been getting warmer and the cool breeze at night was very nice. I woke up before my alarm and road to a nice bakery/cafe for coffee. I’ve been doing my best to only go to local the business’s and avoid chains. I’ve been forced to go to some chain gas stations but I haven’t set foot in a restaurant chain. It’s nice to see all of the small towns from Oregon to where I’m at now that don’t have chains or a Walmart. Some of the bigger towns do have K-marts and Walmarts but their downtowns are usually pretty abandoned. All I’m trying to say is it’s nice to see some of original America and not the same stores and menus everywhere I go.
I crossed the Missouri river,into Missouri, I stopped in the town of Weston. I took a water break and ended up chatting with a nice lady in front of a gas station. I now know that the hairstyles in
Missouri are indeed worse than the ones I saw in Iowa. It looked like they got their inspiration for the style from all the road kill laying around. (a lot more dead animals than usual today) Both places have good people,just bad haircuts.
Back to Weston. A very historic town with houses and buildings pre dating the civil war and a very well maintained main street. It used to be a riverboat town but then the Missouri river changed course ,as it was famous for before it was dammed, and then it became a railroad town a little later in history. I looked everywhere for a Starbucks and couldn’t find one so I had to settle for this old place that had pieces of town history hanging on the walls and lots of character. I had my bike parked in front of the museum(not open on Monday’s) and walked around and took some pictures. Apparently, Monday’s aren’t a good day to visit, as I found out from the lady at the visiter center. ( good haircut) I foolishly asked her to tell me anything I might need to know about Weston and she ended up giving me stacks of pamphlets and papers to take with me. I signed the guest book and added a few postcards to my pile of homework papers before I thanked her and left.
After I satisfied my inner tourist as much as I could , without going to a winery or brewery, I did a little stretching and hit the road. By this point in the day it was pretty darn hot and I had to use my water bottle to help keep cool ridding up the hills. (drink some and pour some on the head. Repeat)
By the time I arrived in Platte City my back tire was pretty low so I aired it up at a gas station. It was a short day on miles (25) but hot and with a head wind so it wasn’t a cakewalk. I now have to be prepared to deal with hot temperatures. It was just a few weeks ago I was battling to stay warm. I have a good friend in Fort Worth that got me a room comped at a hotel just outside Kansas City and in the city I’ll be staying with an old school mate I haven’t seen for years. It should be a nice few days hanging out before I ride to Windsor Missouri to meet my bike gang friends from Texas to pedal the Katy Trail.
Now here’s a historic tidbit for you. The Platte County Courthouse , built in 1866, is where Blanche Barrow ( a member of the Bonnie and Clyde gang) was tried and convicted.