I left Falls City Nebraska after saying goodbye to my motel neighbor. She was intown for a twenty year high school reunion with an 80’s themed party the night before. I was a nice day with a chance for some rain. I stopped in a gas station to refill my Advil prescription and grab a gatorade. After about fifteen miles I was in Kansas. I stopped at a historic marker and climbed up a hill on a muddy trail to see two fence posts and some barbed wire left I’ve from a rail line that ran from a town in Kansas to Lincoln Nebraska. I was surprisingly out of breath hiking up that hill, you’d think I’d be in better shape after a month of cycling. I had a head wind for the entire day and it was draining my battery faster than I hoped. Everyone says Kansas is flat and boring and that’s not true. It’s got some hills and it’s boring. Actually, there were some nice farm scenes and the corn and the white clouds in the sky were nice company. The rain never ended up coming for a visit and it was nice to have a break from it. The toughest part of the day was a 7 or 8 mile climb into the wind. Today was definitely a physical challenge. I some how road past a town were I was going to fill up water bottles and get a snack but after I realized I missed it there was no turning back. I need to remember to change the water in my spare bottles that sit inside my bags because it wasn’t very pleasant drinking the warm stale water towards the end of the day. I made it to Atchison Kansas ( birthplace of Amelia Earhart ) and stopped in the first gas station I saw and filled the bottles with fresh water and bought two 32 oz Gatorades. I chugged a a Gatorade while I was searching my phone for a place to camp and reluctantly rolled on another few miles to a lake on the outside of town. After almost circling the lake to the area for tents I chugged the second Gatorade and laid down on a picnic table exausted. After maybe twenty minutes of rest a lady(who had been driving back and forth) asked me if this is the place to set up a tent. I told her she was in the correct spot and ended up helping set up one of those monster tents that can sleep ten. I failed to mention yesterday I stopped at a lemonade stand and taught some kids to make an Arnold Palmer. And today I had a small miracle of finding exact change for a much needed root beer in a town were the only thing that was open was the vending machine. (I don’t normally drink soda and I don’t normally eat at gas stations for breakfast but I need whatever fuel I can get my hands on).