Last night there was a strong line of thunderstorms that rolled across Nebraska and Iowa and I was very glad to be in the safety and comfort of a house with good people to talk to and hang out with. If i had not stayed an extra day in Council Bluffs i would of been laying in my tent by myself in the middle of a cornfield. (I’ll be doing that tonight) I had a great stay in the Omaha area and met some great folks too.
I left the Omaha area under rainy conditions and was in not a bad mood but a little down about the weather. It’s hard to be super excited about leaving the comforts and safety of a house and to ride out into the middle of nowhere in the rain. ( at least I’m saving sunscreen funds)
The weather cleared after a bit and I was left wearing my rain pants but no jacket for most of the day. I had three wrong turns today, all with different amounts of backtracking. The first time I just blindly followed the curve of the road and missed my turn. I realized as soon as I was climbing a hill on what was supposed to be a flat ride. The second time I was following my map but the road had a sign saying no thru traffic. I figured that I’d be ok and ended up turning around when the old beat up road turned to a muddy construction mess. The last time,and best time, was near the end of my road riding for the day as I approached the steamboat trace trail. I was on my third dirt/gravel road of the day and decided it must be time to make a right and get on the trail. I went over a bridge made out of railroad ties with large gaps in-between that could have made for a nasty spill and some major wheel repairs. Going up short but super steep hill in my lowest gear sinking into the rain soaked ground was also really fun but then when there was now trail I knew I’d gone wrong and turned around. Going back I walked across the bridge not wanting to push my luck too far. I found the trail head near a coal power plant that was surrounded by corn fields. It was a strange site to see the happy green corn fields around the filthy power plant. I’ve seen commercials for “clean coal” but this must have been the old fashioned dirty kind.
On the rail trail ( I was on Wabash rd. earlier today. Wabash Cannonball anyone?) it was nice to be out of traffic but the gravel trail was a little soft and wet for my size of tire and made for a little more of a workout than I had hoped for. I’d gone about fifty on streets and gravel roads and added fifteen more on the rail trail before I arrived in Peru. ( Peru Nebraska of course) The town of Peru has a population of around 800 and a pretty good main drag consisting of a postoffice,grocery,museum,bar,restaurant and fire station. I’m camped out at the edge of town by the rail trail and it’s free. The town figures( correctly so) that anyone camping there is going to frequent the stores while in Peru. Once again there is a chance for storms tonight.