Stopped into a bike shop yesterday and made an appointment for today. I needed a new chain and unfortunately new cassette to go with it. I’d like to thank all the dirt and gravel roads of South Dakota for that. The place I went for the repairs was called True Wheels, I think. I wasn’t the only cross country rider getting repairs done at the time, there was also a guy with a hand cycle. Krzysztof Jarzebski,from Poland, is riding from San Francisco to New York. In San Fran he had his custom made hand trike stolen. After someone saw that on the news they donated a trike so he could do his ride. His translator told me it was one sportsman helping another sportsman. I was talking with the translator and he said I was invited to go to Poland as his guest. I told him I love Polish food. He said Polish food and vodka are the best. And the women too, he said.
My man at the bike shop did great work on my ride and it didn’t break the bank too.