The storms I expected overnight never really came in but just to make sure I didn’t sleep well a train would go by every hour or two. In the morning the winds picked up and looking at my weather app it seemed like the storm was coming so I read in the tent and waited it out. At about eleven the wind had died down and the sun was coming out so I packed up the bike and road to the gas station for some delicious coffee and a donut. I sat at a table charging my phone and enjoying my coffee and was joined by a guy on his lunch break visiting his fiancĂ© that worked there. He was the millionth person to tell me about Ragbrai the annual bike ride across Iowa. Every year there are thousands of cyclist that do the ride and there’s always food and music at the end of each days ride. I put that on the ever growing list of things to do one day.
Out on the road I wasn’t feeling great after a poor nights sleep and the long ride yesterday but when I hit my first big hill of the day I kicked into gear and started to feel better. After a mainly flat ride the day before today’s ride had three long climbs. Had a steep two mile climb and some others on the day that weren’t as tough. It was nice to have hills again because ridding the flats can be boring. I stopped at a little place on the side of the road for what ended up being one of my best lunches of the ride. The place was called Garden Grove( I think) and they used local produce and meats and cheeses. Some of the vegetables were grown behing the house on a one acre farm. I enjoyed a salad of mixed greens with a raspberry vinaigrette and a sandwich with cuc, tomato,onion,avacado,Munster and provolone. It was very refreshing after all the countless bad meals.
I made it in to Council Bluffs / Omaha and went to the postoffice were I picked up two care packages! I’m now completely stocked with trail mix, bars, cookies and batteries.
I then made my way( after one wrong turn) to my warm shower host and had a much needed shower. After I was all cleaned up,we went to a pizza joint in downtown Omaha and met with another adventure cyclist that is in her sixties and trying to ride on every continent. ( she’s almost there) Had another good salad and most of the pizza between the three of us. After, we went up to my fellow adventuring cyclists downtown apartment and enjoyed a nice bottle of wine and some good conversation. ( I squeezed in a joke or two) The college world series of baseball is starting here tomorrow so there is a lot of buzz around town about that.