Had a nice time with my hosts in Sioux City, even got to enjoy some biscuits and gravy for breakfast. My original plan was to ride to the small town of Blencoe and find PJ’s bar and camp behind there. (after enjoying a beer, obviously) I’m not sure if I missed the street that the bar was on ( I rode down both streets in town) but I didn’t find PJ so I just kept on riding. I had a beautiful day and didn’t mind putting a couple of extra miles on. One of my rules of the road is to always keep going when the going’

s good. I added thirty miles and stopped in the town of Missouri Valley. I’ve enjoyed nice towns in every state I’ve been to so far but this ain’t one. Misery Valley is a better name for this place. It reminds me of neighborhoods around Pittsburgh when I was growing up. (there’s a Foodland here too) I found an open restaurant, after I set up my tent in the town park on the outskirts,and had a halfway decent meal. I had the most terrible food of the trip for lunch. Rain and t-storms are coming tonight so I’ve got everything inside the tent. I think my sleeping mat has a leak so I’m going to see if I can find it and use my tire patch kit to fix it up. The good news is I have a really short day tomorrow to get to Council Bluffs/ Omaha and I’ve got a couple of care packages waiting at the postoffice. ( I hope) I failed to Get a hold of my contact in CB before I sent an email today so hope He’s in town. I’m sorry for the lack of exciting pictures but the cornfields aren’t that photogenic. Most of my day was flat after the hills of Sioux City,until I hit the Loess Hills at the end of the day. Once again I’m pretty tired so I’m sorry if this isn’t the best blog. Hopefuly like the days of bad weather making me enjoy the nice days more, the boring or poorly written blogs will help you enjoy the occasional good blog more.