Last night my hosts took me out to Spirit Mound ( a sacred site for the natives and Lewis and Clark killed there first bison around that area) and we walked to the top and enjoyed a lightning show in the distance. I’ve been so lucky with great people taking me in to there homes and sharing about the places they live. I had my first good breakfast of the trip at Cafe Brûlée and it didn’t break the bank. After, I went to the the National Music Museum at the University of South Dakota. ( Tom Brokaw went there) Had a great time looking at a broad range of instruments and wished could have spent a bit more time enjoying the museum. After enjoying the instruments, my host (who works at the university) met me for a coffee and then I hit the road and stopped in the town Elk Point at Edgar’s for a root beer float. Had nice wind and cruised to Jefferson where I took a couple pics of St. Peters
church and took a cat nap in the park. I received a text from my Sioux City contact and he said he’d come out and meet me on the north side of town. It was nice to not have to worry about finding my way thru a new city and stop every five minutes looking at my phone for directions. We stopped at the grocery store and I stocked up on some fruit and bars and I got some ingredients for a salad to go with the pizza we ordered for dinner.