I left Yankton at 10:30 getting almost as much of my money’s worth out if my motel room as possible. (twenty-one hours checked in for around fifty bucks worked out to a little less than $2.38 an hour, not that the motel rents by the hour) I ate another gas station breakfast because someone forgot to go to the grocery store yesterday. The sky was overcast and thunder storms and rain were forecast for the afternoon so that’s why I left the motel half an hour before checkout time. I road thru a town called Gayville and got a piece of apple pie(fresh baked) that made me happy. I was about to leave the gas station and the locals were all talking about the weather and if it would or wouldn’t rain and I said I have a feeling im going to be getting rained on today. The shop owner asked me where I was going and I said Vermillion. He then said “I hope you get wet”. And I told him ” me too, for the farmers sake”. I had good wind and the dark clouds and threat of rain always seem to make me pedal faster so I made good time to Vermillion. It seems like a nice town and if the rain passes this afternoon I might go for a ride and snap some pics. If the rain continues I’ll play and talk video games with the boys at my home stay and checkout town tomorrow.