Had the wind at my back for most of the ride today, you could almost say today’s ride was breeze. I had a pretty routine day in the bicycle and nothing to exciting to report so I’ll just talk you thru a typical day of mine starting at the end of the day.
I get into town, state park or trailer park and set up my tent. I usually stretch out the old hamstrings and quads and try to chug some water or Gatorade. (if available) I blow up my sleeping mat and I unroll my sleeping bag. ( six breaths of lung power to fill the mat, that’s down from 15) The next goal is to grab a shower,if it’s available. During the shower I always hand wash that days cycling outfit. After I’ve dried myself as much as possible with my hand towel sized camping towel ( as seen on tv) I’ll wring out my clothes and hang them to dry. (not possible when rainy) The next priority becomes eating and I’m usually hungry at this point. If I’m somewhere there is a place to eat i’ll go into town and order a (fill in the blank) and a side salad made with iceberg,croutons,shredded cheese and one cherry tomato. If I’m out in the middle of nowhere I’ll start boiling water on the pocket rocket stove and go from there. (I eat a lot of couscous with other things thrown in) After trying my best to clean up the mess from cooking (in a river,lake or sink) I’ll usually read my book and hit the hay. If rain is expected I’ll have all my bags in the tent to stay dry.If not they just stay on the bike to save time in the morning.
In the morning, if there is no special reason to wake up ealier or later, I’ll have the alarm set
for seven and usually snooze untill the call from nature is to much to resist. I’ll pack up the tent and eat whatever I can get my hands on and if there is no gas station or cafe I’ll make some instant coffee. (I’ve stopped doing that now that it hasn’t been so cold in the mornings)
I always make sure to fill up the water bottles and take some Advil during my stretching routine. And then I hit the road an repeat the whole thing again.
Btw, I’m camped just outside Yankton and am taking the day off tomorrow to do laundry,hit the bike shop and library, site see and relax.