I road from my campsite back to Pickstown and have now racked up a few extra there and back miles in addition to the actual cross country miles. When your riding thousands of miles 5 or 6 extra miles shouldn’t be a bother but I’m always thinking about wasting time and energy. Anyway…
Had a good three mile climb to start the day and some strong winds to make me earn my miles. My first historic/point of interest stop was at an Indian mission. It’s still standing and operating to some extent. It’s strange to come across a complex of buildings and a huge church tower and spire soaring into the sky in the middle of the prairie. Other than the mission buildings there was a newer indian school and community college and a few prefab houses.
Later in the day I was flying down a hill and noticed some bee boxes on the side of the road and before you know it I was riding into a large group of bees. It was like star wars when they go to warp speed and all the stars are flying by really fast. The only difference was these stars were hitting me. At the bottom of the hill I pulled over to get a bee out of my helmet and it looked like he got it worse than I did.
By the end of the day I made it to Springfield (isn’t there a Springfield in every state?) as planned. I’m camping again tonight and paying 14 bucks for the privilege. (I think ten is a fair price for a site and a shower) Last night I paid 18 bucks and thought for just a few buck more I could have stayed at the Hilton.