Grabbed some b-fast at the Tee-Pee cafe and had the usual friendly conversation with a couple of the locals. I asked about getting a newspaper and I was told it doesn’t come out till Thursday usually so I didn’t get a copy. (I might call and see if they’ll mail me one) I did my usual routine with filling up bottles with water and tires with air and hit the road. My first stop of the day was Fairfax. It was a semi lively place with a tractor getting gas and an old lady picking up trash in her pearl snap shirt. I had a craving for a piece of pie or a fresh baked cookie but in the town general store the only pies and cookies were little Debbie and Keebler, the same junk food you get at any convenience store across America. I find I strange that in a place that’s growing a large part of the country’s food you can’t find any real food. Me and my oatmeal cream pies left town with hopes for a real fruit pie down the road.
I’ve been stopping at most of the historic markers and reading whatever little tidbit of history they offer. Sometimes it’s not that fascinating but the little break I get always makes it worth the stop. One of today’s markers was about a German church,that no longer exists. There was, however, a small cemetery that had gravestones dating back to the late 1800’s. I walked around reading last names and saw that there was at least one Russian immigrant buried along the Germans. It’s nice to be able to stop and see a tiny piece of forgotten history.
It’s a little warm today for the locals and everyone I saw said something like “miserable day for a bike ride today,huh” I always play along and do the friendly weather chit chat, even though compared to the Texas heat this is nothing. I’m camped by the Missouri again and have a nice view of the river. Also ,I almost forgot, Tom Brokaw was born in Webster South Dakota and that’s near by. (fun little fact there isn’t it)